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The Hawk and His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy, #1) - Christopher Bunn I struggled with the rating on this book. And I struggle with the review. I read this book because it was free and I needed a book to read. That being said, I finished the book. Which is a big step considering it was free. I had nothing invested and nothing to lose.

As to technicalities: I did not find any glaring errors while reading - no typoes, wrong words or other editorial issues. Which isn't to say they are not there, but, rather, they were not so overwhelming or obvious as to invade the story to me. (But, then, I do not notice these things unless they ARE glaring.)

The writing, itself, was ok. Just ok to me. The author follows several characters and rarely sticks with one character long enough for me to get into a comfort zone and feel attached. Reading, to me, is about spending time with characters I love and watching their relationships with others. Which leads me to the most blatant problem with this book. There is no "the hawk and his boy." The title of this book led me to the conclusion that it was a story of a hawk and a boy. While there is definitely a hawk and a boy, the book delves into this relationship on a very minute level. I assume that the sequels do so more in depth, but I have not decided whether I care enough to invest either the time or the money into exploring this relationship.

I will admit that my rating for this novel definitely falls into the "expectation" scale. I may well have "expected" more from this novel than it delivered. And, that may be MY fault and not the author's.