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To Ride Hell’s Chasm - Janny Wurts I am really struggling with this review. As I read, I didn't feel that I really loved it - but I never really hated it either. Yet, the overwhelming feel of the story continues to be on my mind.

I finished this book. But it took me 2 months. Or, rather, the first 200 pages took me 2 months - the last almost 400 pages (which I dove into because I had another book that I wished to read) took me 2 days. (I really wanted to finish it because I really like the author and she was involved in a group read.)

The beginning seemed quite slow to me. (I suppose this should be obvious as it took me so long to read.) That being said, I fell in love with Mykael very early on, which is another reason I stuck it out.

I am much more drawn to characters than I am to world building. This book seemed, to me, to have a very well crafted world, but not quite so much character building. The characters seemed, well, not quite one dimensional - but not 3d either - so lets call them two dimensional.

The action starts out very slowly - with a missing princess - and, as is expected, more questions than answers. During this time, the author slowly draws her world and crafts her characters. As the story progresses, the action picks up remarkably and leads the reader on a fascinating jaunt until the story concludes (and answers all the previous questions).

The writing style also slowed me down. And, I cannot put my finger on the how and why of that. It just did. When I devoured the last 400 pages, I didn't struggle nearly as much as I did with the first 200. Also, the author's vocabulary is HUGE. This is the first time I found myself using the "look up" feature on my e-reader. And, I found it very convenient as I read.

I believe this book to be very well written. The world building is beautiful. In the end, I think it is just not the type of book that was right for me at the time I read it.