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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I really liked this series. I cannot do an objective review for the first book in this series because I went from one book to the next until I ran out of books and separating my feelings as they relate to each novel is not easily done. And, I never do that. I can usually stop and go, hmmm, how about the next?

To begin with, I am not typically a fan of urban fantasy. Although I have read a few books in this genre, classifying a book as such is more likely to push me away from it rather than toward it. In particular, I dislike werewolves and vampires. Vehemently. With a passion. (Yes, I know that is redundant.) I feel like the fantasy genre is inundated with them because of the popularity of a certain series . . . and the rest of the genre is disappearing. And, "the rest" is where my true love lies.

What actually made this series work for me is that Mercy is a Christian. It is not overt. There is no preaching here. It is just simply there. Again, it worked for me.

Mercy is a heroine who is snarky and kicks butt, but still frequently gets in over her head. She appreciates help, sometimes needs help, and frequently gets into situations simply because she cares. Even though she regularly does (um, for lack of a better word) stupid things, she does because she thinks with her heart. Her head kicks in later.

Yes, there is a love triangle, although it is not really evident in this volume. I HATE love triangles. I REALLY hate them when I adore all the characters involved. As is the case with one other ([a:Lisa Shearin|336058|Lisa Shearin|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1202769898p2/336058.jpg]'s Raine Benares), this one (eventually) played out nicely.

My life disappeared while I read these novels. I lost hours as I jumped from book to book.