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Maggie for Hire - Kate Danley I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really liked the urban fantasy twist that uses magic in one world with portals between that and this world.

The book is written in a very conversational style. There are few details - and lots of snark and conversation. My favorite kind of book! The love interest (at least that is my assumption) is an elf. I like elves. Much better than werewolves. Or vampires. So, I am tickled as punch with the use of an elf as the love interest.

Even though I strongly resist reading anything that involves vampires, I really liked the use in this book. There is not enough detail to be creepy. It is just kind of assumed that you realize vampires are creepy. When the breed does something beyond what is "understood" to be normal for them, the author explains why they are able to do so. (I.E. be out in daylight.) And, the word sparkle was never used in the same sentence.

I purchased this book on a free promotion. As such, I tend to be on the look out for grammar and other writing issues that might (or might not) remove one from the story. Not to nit-pick, but to review for others. I did find the use of the word "bring" instead of "take" which is a personal pet peeve, so it definitely jumped me out of the story. And that could honestly happen to any author. But, I found no other grammar related issues.

The book is written in a very conversational style. If one enjoys a great deal of description or detail, they would be advised to look elsewhere. (Easily explained when I read the author blurb - she writes plays.) The only writing element that really bothered me was the use of chapters. In a 263 page book, there are 44 chapters, with the last one being 13 pages (yes, I counted). The starting and stopping really annoyed me. That being said, each section did seem to be a perfectly logical place to chapter. I also did not like the use of the f-word. (All those who know me know the quickest way to cause me to tune out of any conversation is to use that word.) Therefore, it did make me laugh to see the author apologize to her family for its use in her acknowledgments.

Even for the current price of $2.99, this is a great, fun read.