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Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire I really wanted to love this book. Really. But, I did not. I did, however, want to know how it ended. And, I will freely admit that the end surprised me. But, I think that was as much because I did not care enough to contemplate the whos whys and wherefores - I only wanted to finish.

The Prologue started off very promisingly. I was anxious to learn what had happened, why it happened, and see the villain get his comeuppance. Lo, and behold, the story continues after many years have passed. The prologue is referred to. The actions contained therein have molded our heroine, but that is all we learn. And, from there our story continues. Into a new mystery. Totally unrelated from the prologue - except, of course, by the way said events have molded our heroine. (Is this confusing enough?)

Toby is a halfblood - which in Ms. McGuire's world means peon. Only the pure blood fae are worthy. Toby does, however, have pure blood almost friends. It seems a very caste system - or royalty if you will. I found the world actually boring and racist. But, then, as I am finding, fae to not really hold me thrall for very long. She is accidentally bound by one of her not quite friends to learn who has killed her. That is the mystery the book sets out to solve.

I spent the first half of the book depressed. This is never a good sign. But, the Toby's actions and feelings totally overwhelmed me - and made me sad. I do not read to be sad. I have the news for that. Toby moped around and would not even respond to her friends - who were really trying to be friends. She just stayed alone in her own little miserable world. (A big sign of depression there.) I did, however, care about her enough (or else, really, why would I be sad?) to want to know how the story finished. So, I finished it. Which is why it received 3 stars. I really do not think I will read further in this series. I like my heroines a little less depressing and a lot more snarky.