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Modern Sorcery - Gary Jonas I grabbed this book as a free promotion from Amazon. I read it after reading another book that was dripping with despair and needed something light to lift me up. I am very glad I read it. It was a very interesting book.

This book should completely be classified as urban fantasy - but it lacked werewolves and vampires, a complete 'win' to me. The novel reads like the old Dashiell Hammett detective stories - only the customer is a wizard and the detective is immune to magic. Jonathan consorts with a ghost and a magical warrior - one that heals quickly and does not feel pain. He also has a friend whose complete abilities are never quite revealed, only teased throughout the novel. In addition, he has a friend on the police force, as any good PI should have.

I did really enjoy this book. Right up until the end. I felt like it rushed to a climax and the end was more clicheish than it needed to be - almost like the author ran out of ideas. I typically like short, almost choppy, sentences and roll my eyes at any depth of description and detail. But, there is a happy medium. While I did not really feel any lack of detail, I did feel like the sentences could have been more fully developed. That being said, it was absolutely the only writing detail I found lacking. There were no heavy grammatical mistakes that jumped out at me and I felt it a very professional publication.