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Divine By Mistake - James Griffin, P.C. Cast I am *so* not sure what to rate this book. While the world wasn't amazing, I absolutely loved the main character. I wanted to spend every waking minute with Shannon/Rhea. She is snarky. She is realistic. She is passionate. She is lovable. She has a heart of gold. Make no mistake: this is a chick book. Males should probably pass on by.

As the synopsis clearly states, Shannon finds herself transferred to another world where she is the "chosen" of the warrior goddess. She also finds that her counterpart was a bit of a . . . Shrew. So, Rhea spends a great deal of time making up for that.

There are a great many pop culture references. She either dreams about, or hopes to dream about, people like Tom Selleck, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery. A girl after my own heart. She was a high school English teacher, and uses these skills frequently as she continues to 'impersonate' Rhiannon. There are also frequent Star Trek and Star Wars references. These were so much fun because I felt like I was in on an inside joke. These were always clicheish, yet appropriate, and mostly hysterical.

She enters this world as, unbeknownst to the people, a race that is considered 'pure evil' is about to attack. She, and her band of fearless followers, must quickly build a defense to defeat the monsters. While this plot is not the strongest plot ever devised, it works as a vehicle to spend time with our intrepid heroine. Which is where the strength of the story lies. Most other characters are not nearly as well flesh out, but it *is* told in first person, so this is not really a weakness, just a fact. I knew Shannon was the perfect heroine when she re-wrote the end of The Phantom of the Opera to please her enthralled audience.

Rather than a romance, I think I would classify this story as a love affair. There is no love triangle. There is no romantic suspense. It is just there and wraps you in its arms. This is definitely, then, a love affair with a bit of fantasy thrown in. A little more lovey dovey than I typically enjoy, but Rhea is just so much darn fun it does not matter.

Oh, yes, did I mention centaurs? No vampires. (Even though the evil beings are characterized as being "vampire-like".) No werewolves. But CENTAURS! This, alone, makes this book worth reading.