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WOLF DAWN: Adventure Sci-Fi/ Heroic Fantasy/ Romance - Susan Cartwright I rarely do not finish a book. If I start it, I want to know how it ends. I will admit that sometimes I peek at the end to see if I really want to finish the journey. Sometimes, I don't. In those cases, I throw the book aside and just don't finish - or re-write it to suit myself. Rarely do I write a book review on a book that is unfinished. It just doesn't seem fair to me to rate a book that did not resonate enough with me to complete. There are, however, exceptions!

This story starts off in a grand fashion. It really takes off - and I was very excited to think I had found another good author. But, as I read, I kept having the feeling that I had already read this part. After about the fourth chapter I realized: the author began each chapter with a summation of what had happened in the previous chapters. You know, the ole, "thus far in our story . . . " It was just too repetitive. But, I could overlook that - No, seriously, I could just skim over the top and overlook it . . .

Then, *it* happens. Mental incest. I don't know how else to describe it. And, not in any *evil* kind of way . . . But, almost as an accepted practice. It was very creepy. I could not, in any way shape or form, continue caring or reading about these characters. I tossed it aside. (Figuratively - it *was* an ebook . . .)