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All Spell Breaks Loose (Raine Benares, #6) - Lisa Shearin This book seemed to return to the original feel of the Raine Benares series and, as a result, I really enjoyed it. I started this series just before the 4th book came out. I read through the first four voraciously and could not wait for the 5th. Unfortunately, I was forced to wait a year. (Some authors just don't write fast enough.) When I was finally able to read the 5th book (Con and Conjure), while I enjoyed it, I felt like it lacked a little from the previous 4. It didn't seem to be as quippy or as fast moving as they were. I was not quite sure if the book suffered from the writing or the reading - that is to say, I am not convinced my expectations were not set too high. But, with that in mind, I approached this book, the final in the series, with a bit more trepidation. I was extremely happy that I did.

First of all, I am glad Ms. Shearin decided to finish her story. I get terribly annoyed when authors tend to drag out their stories over years and years while we readers get frustrated and more frustrated trying to determine the conclusion. I did, however, miss some characters we had come to know in some of the previous books. (Here is hoping she returns to them and shares more stories with us.)

Also, Raine's snarky mind set is in full force. Again, Ms. Shearin had me laughing out loud as I read through this adventure. In addition, the action is non stop and I had trouble finding a spot where I could set the book down, a similar fashion to the first four. This series is one of very few I have read in recent years that I have read before it was completed. I am quite happy that I did so. I am also pleased that Ms. Shearin did not let me down, but finished her tale in a reasonable amount of time and did not let up on any of the characteristics that made me fall in love with Raine and all her friends and cohorts.

That this series gets lumped into the "urban fantasy" genre continues to irritate me. To me, it has little in common with the genre - there are no werewolves or vampires - and it does not take place in the present time on the present planet. The scene is set in its own world. I consider this more a "sword and sorcery" or "magic" fantasy. That is NOT to say that if urban fantasy is your thing (it is not mine) that you would not enjoy this book. One thing it does have in common with the genre is the plucky heroine that is constantly making you laugh.

All in all, great end to a great story. Now I shall have to find something else to read.