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The Spirit Thief - Rachel Aaron I really wanted to love this book. I really did. I even purchased the first three books in the series, so confident was I that I would love it. And, it isn't that I didn't *like* it - it just failed to grab me.

Eli is a master thief. Or so the blurb tells me. The blurb also tells me that Josef's sword is the most powerful magic sword in the world. I would rather have been shown these things than told these things. Eli does not come off as snarky to me, he comes off as arrogant. I really just kinda wanted to punch him in the face.

Our intrepid heroine, Miranda, is . . . boring. Yes, she is a strong magician. Yes, she will do what is right over what is lawful. Even if that means going along with the plans of a thief. But, she just doesn't have any personality. I had absolutely no emotional connection to her.

So, we have an arrogant thief and a boring heroine. But, I really liked the relationship between Josef, the swordsman, and Nico the demonseed. He is very protective of her. And, I really want to know why and where it is going. Yet, all the characters seem to be rather one dimensional and only fit that one aspect of the story.

Since I have the second book, I will eventually read it. But, this first one did not excite me enough that I immediately opened the second. None of the characters connected with me on enough of an emotional level that I was desperate to spend more time with them. I have, however, read very good reviews on the 2nd and further books in the series and these say the story really picks up. I am also interested to test that.