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Skinwalker - Faith Hunter As I read more books about shifters and vampires, the reviews become harder and harder to write. Yep, she’s a shifter. Yep, she is after the bad vampire. Of course, this book is a tad different – they are *all* a tad different, but repetitive as well. I do not, however, feel a book should be penalized as the ‘same ole, same ole’ for many reasons, not the least of which is the author has no control over the order in which I read.

So. Jane’s a shifter. But, Jane is *more* than a shifter. She actually co-habits with her alter ego – Beast. She is after a vampire – but not just *any* vampire, the *bad* vampire. The other vampires are good. Or, at least sorta good. She rides a motorcycle. With a name. Bitsa. She has a best friend – a witch named Molly. She says and thinks things like ‘ick’ and ‘icky’. It is the silly little things that make me happy!

The story, itself, is quite the mystery. Not only do we not know *who* the villain is, we are not sure *what* the villain is. And, as Jane has just arrived in New Orleans, we are meeting everyone with her and not sure anyone is whom he or she pretends to be. I will be honest – I figured out part of the mystery, but she gob smacked me with the other part. So, not predictable. At least by me. That raises it a notch in my opinion.

My one real struggle with the novel was the ‘Beast’ chapters. These are written in stream of consciousness and very hard to follow. I didn’t like it in literature class, and I don’t enjoy it here. The first time, it is a jolt out of the smooth narrative previously presented. It does become easier – not sure if the writing became more fluid or if my reading did, but it became easier.
I did really enjoy Jane. I loved her relationship with Molly and Molly’s daughter Angela. I loved the often inappropriate nicknames she applied to everyone around her. I loved the tough as nails exterior – while taking all the safety precautions she can come up with – and the sappy heart she has toward everyone in Molly’s family. Even the protectiveness she feels toward Katie and her ladies. Hallelujah, there is no love triangle. Zip. Zero. Nada.

So, TLDR, if you like vampires, shifters, mysteries and non-love relationships, this book is definitely worth a look. I have already picked up the next one to see the Jane grow. I give it 3.5, but round up to 4 and I have no idea why.