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Blood Cross - Faith Hunter I enjoyed Skinwalker, needed another book to read, so I picked this one up. I didn’t like this one as well. I don’t know if it is because it was just more of the same or why – I just didn’t.

First, the good news: Molly is here! With her children. I love the friendship between Jane and Molly. And, the unconditional love and protection that Beast feels toward the children – or kits. The basis of the story is again a mystery. And, Ms. Hunter excels at the mystery. Through its resolution, we learn more of the mythos in her vision of this urban fantasy world. It is a very interesting background lesson. We also learn more of who and what Jane is.

Now – what I didn’t like. I really do not like the “anything in pants” thing Jane/Beast has going on. If there is going to be a love interest, let there be a love interest. But, that Jane (or her Beast alter ego) just kinda lusts after every male in the story is a huge detraction for me. It really overwhelmed the other aspects of the story and causes me to wonder if I really want to invest any more time in this world.

Again, I give this one 3.5 stars. I round it down to 3 simply because I liked it less than the last.