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Cast in Shadow - Michelle Sagara West, Michelle Sagara I have looked at this book I do not know how many times before I actually caved in and purchased it. My main resistance was the fact that it is published by Luna - a Harlequin publishing company. Didn't want to read a romance. I decided to read it based on the reviews. I am glad I did - it does, in no way that I could see, fill the "Harelequin" mold.

As usual, I had a bit of trouble getting into this book. I honestly cannot remember at what point it became a book I was unable to put down. Kaylin is a very passionate and feisty heroine. The mystery as to who she is and what makes her so kept me glued to the story. Unlike other stories where I just wanted to know the answer to the mystery, I really enjoyed the ride as it unfolded. After finishing the book, I still have unanswered questions - not the kind that make me angry in the "Why didn't the author address this?" way but the kind that go "I can't wait to read the next book to see what direction these questions take me" way.

I could not decide if I was angry or fascinated by the way the answer to Kaylin's relationship with Severn was revealed. I will say that it came as a complete surprise and I did not see it coming. Even a tiny bit.

I adored the different races in this book - and the characterizations that came with each. I will admit to picturing the Leotines a bit like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. And, who among us hasn't dreamed of having wings and the ability to fly?

The humor in this book is very subtle. In some (very few) instances I actually laughed out loud. Kaylin reacts to stress the way that I do: by making really bad jokes that cause those around her to question her sanity. Not a lot of romance here - but I can see it developing in future installments.

Indeed, I am annoyed that I have finished this. Now, I have to "get into" another novel.