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Geist - Philippa Ballantine I really, really liked this book. While it is another in the 'our intrepid heroine must use all her wisdom and powers to save the world in jeopardy' type book, there is enough new and different here to make it an enjoyable read. I also appreciated the fact that the heroine was older (while, of course, still beautiful . . .) and already in tune with her powers.

I found the magic system fascinating. Increasing my wonder is the fact that it is tied together somehow religiously. Not really sure HOW? But I feel the terminology is important, and look forward to seeing how it develops. I also enjoyed the world. Loved the methods of transportation.

I did not feel that the book NEEDed to be longer . . . but I sure WANTed it to be. I am VERY annoyed (and I didn't think to look 'til halfway in) that the series is not completed yet. Knowing the final(?) book is only a few months away does help - and I will delay sequels until that time. That being said, I was at least appeased by the fact that this chapter was indeed concluded yet the reader knows that the story is not yet finished.