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Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson, #4) - Shannon Mayer Rylee is adding to her menagerie. Sometimes, I feel like Shannon is trying to hard to include *every* mythical being ever conceived of. And, don't get me wrong - I loved Blaz. I have loved dragons ever since I read my first Pern novel. But, he just seems so . . . dropped in. His presence makes no sense - and his character makes no sense. Maybe all the dragon nonsense will become clear in a future episode, but right now it only leaves me scratching my head.

I found Jack actually useful - I enjoyed him - he seems to be taking the place of Giselle as a mentor to Rylee.

I am totally over Milly. When we began in the first novel, we are told that Milly is Rylee's best friend - almost a sister. Yet, we see none of this relationship - only Milly being a first class . . . witch.

Eve is growing and maturing. I adore Eve.I felt the characters of Will and Deanna are short-changed - both hold such promise - and are just dropped like a hot potato. Alex. I love Alex. I want an Alex.

But, mostly, Liam is back. Almost everything can be forgiven with Liam back.

These people form the basis of why I shall keep returning to this world: I love Rylee's passion and concern for everyone around her. I feel for the way she tries to be everything to everyone and even if she fails, her heart is *always* in the right place. The story doesn't matter so much - which child we are after of why we are after her/him - these are just vehicles to share a journey with Rylee - and her menagerie.

Ugh. I wanted to love this one. I have really enjoyed the series up until now. But, one simple thing took it from a 4 star to a 3 star - the f-word. While it has not been absent from any of the previous novels, it is prevalent in this one - as in several times on each page. I will make no bones about the fact that I *hate* that word. If you use it in conversation with me, I will hear nothing that you say after it. It is just a fact. Not intentional - it just happens. That being said, I will forgive it if used in an "appropriate manner." You thought you were battling a witch, and her entire coven shows up? Sure. I'm ok with it.

In this novel, however, every time Rylee feels something going wrong - or like it *might* go wrong - or for any reason really - she thinks, "Fword me." I mean - seriously all the time. She has absolutely no other phrase to use - only that one. I think Ms. Mayer would have found a thesaurus handy. :D This doesn't include the other times she uses it in conversation (even with little Pamela ears nearby.) Its use dragged me out of the story and journey and truly hurt my enjoyment of this novel. Its only saving grace is that it is *not* used when Liam *finally* returns.