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The Rogue Agent: The Accidental Sorcerer, Witches Incorporated, Wizard Squared - K.E. Mills This was an interesting trilogy. Before I began, I read several reviews. And, looking back, I find the criticisms unwarranted.

First of all, this is not your typical fantasy series. It follows no epic battles. There are no orcs, elves or goblins present. I think the best representation is a spy story with magic. What it does seem to share with the genre is the tale of an ordinary man who becomes extraordinary. The books follow a young man, Gerald, and his friends and the story begins with an apparent royal screw up and Gerald's attempts to remove the stigma that this causes.

Some reviewers felt the first story, The Accidental Sorcerer, was uneven and couldn't decide if it was humorous or thrilling. I found it to be more of a light thriller with comic touches. I also felt the "comedy" was always in line with the characters as they evolved. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and their intertwining relationships.

The criticism I read for the second book, Witches Incorporated, was that it had no villain. While it may be true that there did not appear to be one specific villain to latch onto and dislike, I did not feel that the book lacked for this. Bad guys abound and I still found myself rooting for the good guys. This book is really more of a mystery than a thriller, and it was a little harder to stick with than the first.

The third book in this trilogy, Wizard Squared, is definitely the weak link, but I still found it interesting. It answers the questions: What if Gerald had chosen option A during the epic battle in book 1. It may have been more interesting to write than actually read. Or maybe that is just me. I like my heroes heroic and my villains villainous, so for the hero to have picked the villainous choice goes against my code. A criticism I read of this book was that the author basically used prose from the first book and just added to it rather that totally re-writing a new book. I did not feel this was the case as the story was told from an slightly different point of view.

I gave this series 4 stars because, while I could put the book down, I eagerly anticipated jumping back into the world every time I was away. But, as I look back to justify the rating, I find myself unable to pin point any one terrific quality. I just know I loved the time I spent with the characters. I loved their relationships and I loved that each was true to himself as the story developed. And, as the ultimate praise, I immediately purchased the 4th book, Wizard Undercover, so I could continue to spend time with them.