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The Key of the Keplian  - Andre Norton, Lyn McConchie Note: I read this book as a group read. I am not sure I would have tried to jump into a series such as this in any other fashion.

Trying to determine what to read next so I downloaded the sample for this book. The sample ends on, "Far Traveler would not have sent her to die. . . . With the hovering machine, triumph turned to horror. The Social Services woman shrieked wildly." Sigh. Now *that* is the way to end a sample to force me to buy the book.

So, the story continues to tell the story of a young girl who, upon the death of her beloved guardian, leaves the world she knows for something totally new and beyond her ken. In doing so, she makes beloved friends and takes steps to correct a grievous wrong. While the story does not sound drastically original, it is the writing, characterizations, and relationships that carries it along.

I adored the writing style. It was so lyrical in nature - it just flowed. Almost like music. It reminded me of the feel of the early Pern books by Anne McCaffrey. Even though there is not really a ton of action or dialog, the story just glided along.

So, too, the relationships between Eleeri and the Keplians bring to mind the dragons and riders on Pern. There is just something blissful about a deep connection with another being on such a heartfelt level. It will get me every time.

This is the first Witch World book I have read - I can't find the early ones at my library, I have been trying. So, what *did* really bother me was I felt like I was missing something. I didn't really understand *what* Witch World was? And, how any of this was related. Which characters were from WW? And, how did they get where they were?