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The Third Lynx (Frank Compton Series #2)

The Third Lynx - Timothy Zahn This was a re-read for me. I am re-reading books 1-4 in preparation for reading the 5th and final book in the series.

I have really enjoyed most Timothy Zahn books I have read. They tend to be fast paced and constantly twisting. Yet, this book really frustrated me. Even though this story starts with a bang, I still struggled to get into the story.

There were several twists and turns and you never really knew which way the story was going. However, here it felt as though the twists and turns were thrown in just for the sake of twisting and turning. And, there was just so much of it, I got motion sickness! Ok, not really, but even when the book was completed, I wasn't really sure which twist was the right turn.

In my opinion, Mr. Zahn writes better than this.